How to Cure Hearing Loss Naturally at Home

How to Cure Hearing Loss Naturally


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Reduction in hearing capability is a concern for many all over the world.An estimated 30 million suffer from hearing loss.


Are you one of those?Have you been advised by doctor that there is no remedy except hearing aid.


Do not panc.Some heartening news for you.Hearing loss can be cured Naturally without having to wear a hearing aid  or  to undergo painful surgery.

Improve Your Hearing Naturally

The natural methods are  simple,easy to adopt  and are proven ways of combating hearing problems.


Causes of hearing loss:


Disease or infection,wrong medications which damage the auditory system,tumor, exposure  to high noise levels of sound,puncture of the eardrum and aging . are all causes of hearing loss.



If you  know the symptoms of hearing loss it will  enable you to quickly go for a cure and prevent further deterioration.


Some of the symptoms are :


  • Turning the volume of TV louder than you used to keep. annoying the people around you.
  • Having trouble in listening to people in a group.
  • Feeling some people are mumbling.


We present you here with two Natural ways to cure your hearing loss:


1.Selection of proper Diet

2.Doing specific exercises


What are the Diet supplements you will have to essentially include in your daily intake?


Food rich in Vitamin D,A,C&Folic Acid, and minerals Magnesium,Manganese.

The benefits that Vitamins and minerals bring :

  • Aid in  absorption of calcium which is required for us to have strong bones.
  • Scavenge and destroy the free radicals.
  • Regulate the formation of red blood cells  and preventing tinnitus.

What are the exercises?


Picking out sounds

Its a simple exercise. that enables you to improve your ear’s ability to pick out sounds which you only want to hear.


Sense of direction

To sharpen your hearing and your sense of direction this exercise will help.

Recognition of sounds

In this simple  exercise you will learn to recognize different sounds in your environment to improve hearing. .

Brain exercises

We hear with our brain.

Sound waves enter the ears and proceed to the eardrum, which in turn  sends  the message to the brain and finally the brain processes and interprets what you heard.

Thus we  are able to isolate a single sound from among numerous sounds.

Some simple yet effective brain exercises that you can do to improve hearing are:

  • Learning to play a musical instrument;
  • Solving puzzles such as Rubik’s cube, Sudoku, crossword, or jigsaw puzzles;
  • Solving arithmetic problems from a grader’s textbook without using calculator;
  • Learning a new hobby that keep   your fingers in repetitive motions  such as  in knitting or crocheting.

You do get relief and improvement in your hearing by adopting the above methods.

But  all these may be time consuming .

What is the best method?

Many have selected Professional Natural Hearing Improvement Techniques as they are more effective.


Why not you too?

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